Published Books

The Kilmarnock Collection (2018)

Life is short - it has to be.

It is every spark that illuminates our skies - gone, all too quickly, sometimes without warning - and leaving constellations of darkness within our souls.

This book is a scliff of life, a moment from Kilmarnock, a point in time that will never again return. Please cherish these compositions and give each and every person the immortality they truly deserve.

The Kilmarnock Collection cover

15 years in the making, John's first major published edition is the Kilmarnock Collection with cover by award winning Scottish artist Eòghann MacColl.

The book contains 164 compositions, based around life, both in Kilmarnock, and it's outstretched connections throughout the world. The idea was to capture the humanity, the sights, smells, characters, streets and establishments that is the Kilmarnock we know - a snapshot of a moment in time.

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The Tarbolton Collection (2023)

I stood on “Hood’s Hill” - the village tor, and swallowed the view. It was at this point that I vowed to dedicate the following six years of my life capturing the souls of both the village of Tarbolton and Scotland’s current custodians of Scots language and culture.

This isn’t just the story of a few streets - this is Tarbowton - Tarbolton - from the Robert Burns years to the present. This is the spirit of the Scots and an Ayrshire village -overlooked by many, but just mibbies, a microcosm of who we are as a people.

Welcome to the Tarbolton Collection.

The Tarbolton Collection cover

In a first, every street within the town is immortalised in composition, along with local dignitaries, famous sons and daughters, and of course, relevant Robert Burns historical figures from the area.

The Tarbolton Collection recounts the cultural importance of the village during Robert Burns’ time whilst demonstrating the present dynamism and the vital continuation of the Scots language within the area.

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The Fowk Collection

The Bagpipe Collection (2025)