Michael Russell

Michael Russell - Composed by John C Grant (https://johncgrant.com). Traditional composer from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Michael William Russell

Michael Russell is a prominent figure in Scottish politics, serving as the President of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and boasting an impressive nearly 50-year-long tenure as a dedicated member of the party. Originally a writer and television producer, Russell’s involvement with the SNP has been multifaceted, including being the party’s first full-time Chief Executive and holding various offices at every level within the organization. In 1999, Michael Russell was elected as one of the 35 SNP Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) when the Scottish Parliament was reconvened. He served in the Parliament for many years, representing the Argyll & Bute constituency, except for a brief break, until 2021. During his time in the Scottish Parliament, Russell played an active role in various ministerial positions in the Scottish Government from 2007 to 2014 and again from 2016 to 2021. His portfolios covered a wide range of critical areas, such as Environment, Culture, External Affairs, Education, and, in his latter role, the Constitution. Notably, he represented Scotland in the UK’s Joint Ministerial Committee on European Negotiations, where he played a crucial role in shaping Scotland’s stance on European matters. Beyond his political career, Michael Russell has a strong academic background. He resided in rural Argyll and held the position of a Professor in Scottish Culture & Governance at the University of Glasgow, contributing immensely to the study and preservation of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage. His passion for Scottish culture is evident, and even after retiring from his full-time academic post, he continues as an Honorary Professor in the College of Arts. Russell’s early life saw him born in Bromley, Kent, with a unique blend of English and Scottish heritage, owing to his English mother and Scottish father. Growing up in Troon, he attended Marr College before pursuing higher education at Edinburgh University. At the university, he studied theology initially but later delved into Scottish history and literature, a subject that likely ignited his deep connection to his homeland. Impressively, Michael Russell is fluent in Gaelic, the indigenous Celtic language of Scotland. In a significant historical moment, he delivered a speech in Gaelic at the European Council, marking the first time the language was used in such a context. Russell’s commitment to justice and advocacy is exemplified by his longstanding campaign on behalf of former police detective Shirley McKie. The wrongful conviction and subsequent compensation awarded to McKie in a 2006 out-of-court settlement was a turning point in the fight for justice. Michael Russell, along with Shirley’s father, Iain McKie, co-authored a book, “Shirley McKie – The Price of Innocence,” exposing what they described as one of the worst miscarriages of justice in a generation. The case drew international attention and even gained potential links to the case of convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. In addition to his political and academic endeavors, Michael Russell is a prolific author, with seven published books to his name. His writings encompass various aspects of Scotland’s culture, history, and contemporary challenges, showcasing his multifaceted interests and dedication to the country’s welfare. One of his notable contributions to heritage conservation includes his support for the successful campaign to have The Tinkers’ Heart in Argyll listed as a Scheduled Monument, recognizing its historical and cultural significance. Furthermore, Michael Russell regularly contributes to The National newspaper, where he pens a weekly column. His writings provide valuable insights into Scotland’s political landscape, cultural identity, and the ongoing developments surrounding Brexit, reflecting his deep understanding and passion for these topics. Michael Russell’s remarkable journey from a writer and television producer to becoming the President of the SNP exemplifies his unwavering dedication to Scotland’s political, cultural, and academic spheres. His tireless efforts in public service, coupled with his scholarly pursuits, demonstrate a profound commitment to the betterment of his country and its people. As a multifaceted personality, Russell’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to shape Scotland’s future for years to come.

Michael Russell - Composed by John C Grant (https://johncgrant.com). Traditional composer from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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