Compositions on the subject of Extended Bagpipe

You are most welcome to browse, download and play any of the compositions. All compositions remain copyright © John C Grant.

These compositions all fall within the range of the Great Highland Bagpipes and Border/Lowland/Reelpipes that allow the extended fingering of C natural, F natural and high G#.

You can view all standard bagpipe compositions within the and Bagpipe Compositions section.

You can download all PDFs here

Name Collection
Alistair Heather The Tarbolton Collection
Annabella Burns The Tarbolton Collection
Calum John Grant The Kilmarnock Collection
Claire Leitch The Kilmarnock Collection
Cumnock Tartan Army The Kilmarnock Collection
Douglas Reid The Kilmarnock Collection
Gilbert Burns The Tarbolton Collection
Hilary McArthur The Kilmarnock Collection
Hugh Reid The Tarbolton Collection
James Paterson The Tarbolton Collection
Lorrimer Headley The Tarbolton Collection
Margaret Sunderland The Tarbolton Collection
Martin Trainer The Kilmarnock Collection
Susi and Gavin McGilvray The Kilmarnock Collection
The Woodstock Arms The Kilmarnock Collection

The following sets are available and suitable for bagpipes with extended fingering: -

Name Suggested Sets
The March 1 Set PDF
The Reels 1 Set PDF
The Tarbolton Reels 1 Set PDF
The Tarbolton Reels 2 Set PDF

Fred Morrison Reel Pipes, McCallum Bagpipes, Kilmarnock