Compositions on the subject of Swedish

Alcohol sometimes gets you roped into things...

Sweden - home to some of the friendliest and most intelligent mentalists you could ever hope to meet. From their Kilmarnock Football Club waving to their their love of music, dance and merriment - here’s to them…

Göran Hallmarken playing traditional music: -

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Name Collection
Aleksei Voronin The Kilmarnock Collection
Andrea Gadd The Kilmarnock Collection
Erik Holst The Kilmarnock Collection
Fanny Henriksson The Fowk Collection
Göran Hallmarken The Kilmarnock Collection
Hannes Oljelund The Kilmarnock Collection
Joel Bremer The Fowk Collection
Johan Holst The Fowk Collection
Klas W. Af Edholm The Fowk Collection
Magnus Smedman The Kilmarnock Collection
Malin Hedström The Kilmarnock Collection
Matilda Lilja The Fowk Collection
Matilda Sevelin The Fowk Collection
Nisse Meseke The Fowk Collection
Patrik Howe The Fowk Collection
Peter Svennson The Kilmarnock Collection
Sara Vikström Olsson The Fowk Collection
Örjan Hallnäs The Fowk Collection