Compositions on the subject of Air

Dunlop Cemetry, Ayrshire, Scotland

Airs are song-like vocal or instrumental compositions. Think of an air as the sound of a single person singing a lament for someone or some event. The time signature, although specified within the composition, can be loose and pauses for expressive feeling are common. In many respects, you don't play an air but cry it.

Here’s a good example of an air - played by the great Duncan Chisholm.

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Name Collection
Annabella Burns The Tarbolton Collection
Bard Drive The Tarbolton Collection
Bruce Kennedy The Tarbolton Collection
Claire Walker of South Uist The Kilmarnock Collection,The Tarbolton Collection
Danny Coffey The Kilmarnock Collection
Dr Fiona McKenzie OBE The Tarbolton Collection
Edith Casey The Fowk Collection
Fiona Longmuir The Tarbolton Collection
Freya Rose Young The Fowk Collection
Garden Street The Tarbolton Collection
Gillian Mairi Wright The Kilmarnock Collection
Hannes Oljelund The Kilmarnock Collection
James Street The Tarbolton Collection
John Campbell The Kilmarnock Collection
John Orr The Tarbolton Collection
Kilmarnock The Kilmarnock Collection
Langlands Drive The Tarbolton Collection
Madog ap Llywelyn The Kilmarnock Collection
Marie Macklin CBE The Kilmarnock Collection
Maureen McCroskie The Tarbolton Collection
Mrs Grant of Onthank The Kilmarnock Collection
Owen Griffin The Fowk Collection
Patrick Joseph Togher The Kilmarnock Collection
Ros na Carraig The Kilmarnock Collection
Sara Vikström Olsson The Fowk Collection
Tarbolton Library The Tarbolton Collection
The Uninvited Guests The Kilmarnock Collection
Water of Fail The Tarbolton Collection

Here's air in memory of ex-Kilmarnock Provost Danny Coffey